“A speaker informs. A good speaker captivates.
While a great speaker inspires.”

Esmaeel Akther
Founder, Elevanto

Esmaeel Akther



Elevanto is your Home to Speaking Inspiration!

Do you feel nervous when you have to speak or present your idea in front of a group of people?

Have you felt that you have immense knowledge but you are unable to share your knowledge?

Do you feel that something is holding you back from inspiring the world with your message?

Do you want to be able to break free of the force that is stopping you?

Do you want to be able to speak confidently and move your audience?

Are you ready to share and inspire thousands with your message?

If you answered YES, to any of the above then Elevanto is your home for Speaking Inspiration!

We help you craft speeches that capture your audience.

We help you transform your mindset from Knowledge Hoarders to that of Evangelists or Knowledge Sharers .

Today is an era where stunning presentations are used to enhance effectiveness. We help you with that as well.

We guide you to ensure you succeed in sharing your message confidently.

Be the confident speaker you have always dreamt to be and share your message with conviction.

Elevanto provides you with a fresh perspective that brings together youth and experience
so that you are able to speak confidently by being yourself.

With an informative blog, personal coaching and a collection of best resources to help you




As I stood at the crossroads of my life having distinguished myself as a Certified Accountant by completing ACCA (UK) and CMA (USA) along with my Graduation, I had the opportunity to meet the most amazing group of people. I spent 3 days with them during an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Course. They were just like every other person I had met, yet they were unlike any other. They were a group of highly motivated individuals who were eager to improve their life and more eager to inspire others
change their lives for better.

It was at some point during those 3 days I realized my KICK. My KICK was in inspiring others by leading by example. And the foundation for Elevanto Movement was laid.

Few weeks later, I had the opportunity to train a small group of finance experts on how they could improve their speaking and presentation skills. I tried my best to make it the most practical and rewarding session for them. Over the 2 days of training I could see their confidence levels rise as they were more comfortable presenting their ideas. Watching all this was my mentor (he prefers to remain anonymous) who came to me and said, “Esmaeel, you have a great understanding of others needs and know how to help them. Why don’t you give it a shot with coaching?”

6 years ago I was one of those who would take every opportunity to NOT speak. I didn’t want to raise my hands and answer a question at school due to the fear of people judging me, fear of giving a wrong answer, fear of being laughed at, fear of making a fool of myself… And fear of being the focal point in the room with over 30 people listening to me. My inability to express my views across when needed always left me unsatisfied.

Toastmasters International has had a huge role in my transformation with my ability to speak. I cannot thank my mentors
who held my hand when I needed it most. Toastmasters is a platform I would recommend everyone to join. It is the best
platform to practice and learn.

So, if an average person with very little talent like me could become a decent speaker today, why not you?  Every one of you could become a better speaker than me. More importantly, you will be able share your message with the world and inspire others.

It’s because of the support and guidance of a number of people that today I’m capable of starting a movement. And making this movement a success is upto you.

Learn, Speak and Inspire your friends and family.

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